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Order Your Matador Bullhead Chrono 300 Diver
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It's Not Your Everyday Dive Watch.

Inspiration for the Matador Bullhead Chronograph Collection is derived from the long history of bullfighting in several Spanish countries and the enigmatic relationship between the Matador, and the Spanish fighting bull (Toro Bravo).

With regards to the shape of the case, inspiration is drawn from several bullhead designs from Citizen, Carronade, Eska, Omega, Tag Heuer, Struckx, Straton and so forth. 


01 Casing - 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel

02 Casing Color - Original Stainless Steel Color (Aventador) / PVD Black (Gallardo & Reventon)

03 Casing  Diameter - 44mm ; Lug - 22mm ; Lug to Lug - 44mm

04 Thickness - Head : 15.17mm; Body : 15.05mm; Tail : 11.90mm 

05 Bezel - Inner Rotating & Uni-Directional


06 Dial Textual - 3D (Aventador) ; Radiant Red (Gallardo) ; Radiant Black (Reventon)


07 Dial Color - Black & Red (Aventador) ; Red (Gallardo) ; Black (Reventon)


08 Hour/Minute/Second Hands/Applied Indices - BGW9 Swiss Super-lumiNova Lume 


09 Glass - 3mm Thick Sapphire Crystal with 5-Layers of Anti-Reflective Coating


10 Water  Resistant - 300m / 1000 ft with HEV on Left Side of Case


11 Strap - Horween Leather of USA


12 Buckle - Customized and CNC Machined


13 Watch Roll - Hexagonal Vegan Leather Watch Roll for 3 Watches

14 Movement - Seiko TMI VK64 Meca-Quartz



Founded 2017 in Singapore, the brand is pronounced “ne-mi(me)-nus”. 

The primary aim of NEMINUS is to provide the market with fresh ideas, innovative concepts and unique materials with modernized manufacturing processes.

Like most micro-brands, NEMINUS seeks to engineer and build well-made watches that are value-for-money (affordable) and readily accessible. But, unlike most microbrands, NEMINUS designs are distinct; it is not designed for everybody and it is not a "me-too" timepiece.

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